Our team assists in the recruitment and supports students, by providing: guidance during the registration process information on career and employer options information about the communities that are of interest to you coaching in resume and interview preparation.

General Immigration Information for our Overseas Physicians

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada are given priority on all vacancies in Canada. As there is a great need for qualified physicians in Canada, Overseas physicians are considered for available positions in undeserved communities if they are eligible for registration.

NASC can ease the burden of finding suitable employment.

  • We will assess overseas physician’s qualifications to give an indication of the potential for securing Canadian registration (license)
  • Work on the physician’s behalf to obtain a preliminary assessment from the assessing body.
  • Upon receipt of a positive preliminary assessment from the assessing body , NASC will refer you to appropriate Canadian province’s communities

The Process of Obtaining College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canadian’s Registration

North American Services Center will apply on behalf of our overseas physician for registration with the appropriate goverment associations once the physician accepts the offer of employment. The assessing body reviews both the community’s level of need and the qualifications of the physician. ans will advise NASC, the community, and the Physician in writing of their decision.

The Process of Obtaining a Temporary Work Visa

NASC will submit an application on behalf of our overseas physician to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) after the assessing body has issued a letter confirming the physician’s eligibility for Canadian registration. Upon the approval by HRDC, NASC will get the confirmation of employment and file number for the physician from the province. NASC will forward the file number to our overseas physician then NASC will apply on behalf of our overseas physician for a temporary work visa. Once the physician has worked in Canada for 12 months, NASC will process his/her immigration case before CIC. The physician must have a work visa that is valid from longer than 12 months before NASC can process his immigration case.

If the overseas physician has a partner who would also like to work in Canada, NASC will process temporary work visa to the spouse because the physician is a highly skilled worker in demand in Canada.


doctors4Canada is a privately-owned recruitment and retention service that assists Canadian Health Regions in filling healthcare related vacancies throughout the country. Our service has successfully recruited doctors since our establishment in 2003.

Employment Requirements for Physicians

General information on Registration (Licensing), Canadian examinations, and Immigration requirements is provided in this section to assist overseas physicians seeking employment and immigration in Canada.

There are three bodies involved in the credentialing of overseas physicians in Canada.

  • The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada is a national organization responsible for setting standards for specialties in Canada
  • The College of Family Physicians of Canada & Surgeons of Canada is a national organization of physicians providing certification in family medicine.
  • The Medical Council of Canada is the national organization responsible for establishing and promoting a qualification in medicine known as the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada.