About Us

Doctors4canada.com is division of North American Services Center a leading immigration company in the middle east region. Fully owned and operated by Canadians designed specifically for ‘International Doctors who want to practise medicine in Canada’.

The doctor program grew on its own due to the demand from Internationally trained Doctors to go to Canada and the practising shortage in Canada. NASC combines the requirements of the various provincial Doctors associations with the current immigration guidelines.

Kathryn MacDonald has been in business since 1986, Doctors4Canada is a leading Immigration and Doctor Placement Consultancy based in Dubai.


Who we are?

The Managing Director is Kathryn MacDonald a native Canadian who has been in business for more than 30 years today makes her home in Canada and Dubai.

Our objective is to take this program into various regions in the U.K , Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa to give those Doctors who qualify to “Doctor” a chance to move to a country where they will enjoy their new found freedoms that CANADA has to offer! Prior to landing you are ” Fully Employable” in your occupation! This is a tremendous opportunity for Internationally Trained Doctor’s.


It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Immigration: We process the Immigration application to The High Commission of Canada for you and your family’s permanent residence visas.

Registration: With a specific Doctor’s Association- we have your credentials evaluated and assessed to confirm authority to practice- this enables you to work as a doctor in that specific province upon landing in Canada-no waiting.

Job: Upon obtaining authority to practise, we circulate your CV to the various employer’s- should an employer hire you prior to securing your permanent residence visa, we do the application for “Work Permit” for you and your family! (Government Hospitals and or private medical centers)

The Government of Canada welcomes Internationally trained Doctors reconizing the shortage we are facing in Canada, therefore, the process has been made easier for those who are successfully registered.

Immigration: The Canadian High Commission is where we apply for your permanent residence, they confirm all the information in your application to ensure you meet the guidelines.

We believe in this site we have answered all of the questions that may come to you in your quest to doctor in Canada as this site is designed to be very user friendly and informative without taking a lot of your time. Should you have further queries kindly visit our FAQ’s page.

Thank you and we look forward to assisting you in your quest to DOCTORS IN CANADA!

Thank you and we look forward to assisting you in your quest to DOCTORS IN CANADA!


Kathryn MacDonald,

Managing Director